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Welcome to the People's Collective

Full time and Part Time Room Sublets and Mailbox Rentals for liberation oriented healers and co conspirators located in South Seattle, WA (Beacon Hill)

We all belong. 

Welcome to our healing space on Beacon Hill. We are a space that seeks to center and prioritize the most marginalized beings. Our desire is to create a space that seeks to be social justice, trauma informed, anti ableist and anti oppression oriented. We believe the personal is political.

We are a group of anti- racist healers and practitioners who seek to build a restorative community based on the shared values of Land Back, social justice and access for all bodies. As a result, for folx of all identities, we highly encourage you, if you are interested in renting the physical space, to take a Somatic Abolitionism course before renting (this does not include potential mailbox renters). If you are white passing or white bodied, this course is required. The reason for that is because we know that white supremacy lives in our bodies and this is a physical rental space. With any physical shared space, our bodies will send messages, before our mouths even utter words. In the practice of being mindful and centering the care of our Black and Brown siblings, it is part of our central values to continue to metabolize our internalized white body supremacy. 

On another note: we have 2 office suites (6 rooms total) that have 2 separate entrances, each with their own all gender bathroom and waiting areas as well as their own kitchenettes (mini fridge,  hot water kettles, WIFI, medical grade air filters and mailbox rental included). There are no designated parking spots. Street parking only. 

Address: 4501 15th Ave S, Suite 102 and 103, Seattle WA 98108

Mailbox Rental

Shared Mailbox service for healers who:

  • work from home and don't want to use their home address to show publicly

  • need an address to give to their insurance panels

  • want to stay telehealth forever but need an address to put on their websites or business cards


  • $45 per month (tax included) for basic mailbox rental. A picture of the front of the envelope of mail received will be texted to you when I check the mailbox weekly. This option is for Seattle area residents only. 

  • An additional $15 per month for opening mail and scanning internal contents of mail. This option is for Seattle area residents only.

  • An additional $45 per month for forwarding mail via USPS (postage included). This option is available for U.S. residents (does not include Hawaii, Alaska or PR). 

All rental packages include a weekly text message with a picture of the front of the envelope of your mail sent to you so you don't have to come to the mailbox to check mail. SPAM mail is automatically sent back to sender. 

Note: we do not have the capacity to receive any physical packages of any kind, nor are we equipped to be in the role of a Registered Agent. The mailbox is outdoors and can be accessed 24/7 with your own key. 

Rental agreements are month by month and automatic monthly invoices will be sent on the first of the month via PayPal. 


Room rental not included with mailbox rental.

Mailbox rental IS included in the room rental.

Subleasing of the room is not permitted. 

Mailbox will be shared with other service providers. 

First and last month's rent is due upon signing.

I do not provide registered agent services. 

Pricing for room rentals

The price of each rental includes full access to the room every single rental day of the month. 

For example: if it costs $120 to rent out room X for the day/month, that means you get room 1 for every single Monday in that month for $120 TOTAL. It averages out to about $35 per day. 

Also note that the cost includes rental for that room all day and night. You get to decide what time you would like to end your evening session, as long as its technically before 12am. 

Subletting of rooms is not allowed. All rooms are rented out on a month to month contractual basis. 

Please note that first and last month’s rent plus $150 refundable security deposit is due upon contract signing. Also, every room renter is required to sign up for General liability insurance (slip and fall insurance).  

All contracts have a minimum of 1 month rental. One-off sessions are not available during this time. 


Each suite includes:

  • Medical grade air filter for each therapy room

  • High speed WIFI

  • use of hot water kettle and tea

  • Tea mugs

  • Microwave is only present in Suite 102

  • waiting room access

  • all gender bathroom

  • suite 102 has an ADA compliant bathroom

  • 24-7 access to the room based on our agreed upon days

We do not have:

  • air conditioning

  • designated parking (street parking only)

  • supervision or built in consult groups

  • workshop offerings 

Public Transport

The nearby bus lines are: 60, 107 and 50. 

The nearest light rail station is Beacon Hill Light Rail. It is about a 20 minute walk to the light rail station or a quick 5 minute bus ride. 

SUITE 103 Room Rentals


Suite 103, Blue Couch Room

Availability- this room is available for part time rental for everyday except for Wednesdays

Approx dimensions- 12ftx 9ft


Note: this room has windows that faces outdoors to Oregon Street. There are privacy shades on the window. 

Part time rental rate: $140/day/month. Averages out to $35 per day. 

Blue Couch Room

Suite 103 Macrame Room

Suite 103 room 2- THIS ROOM IS FULLY BOOKED and not available for rent 

Approx dimensions- 9.6ftx 10ft 

Note: this room also has high ceilings and has a window to the waiting area outside. This room is available every day and night. $140/day/month or $850 to rent full time per month. 

Suite 102 Rentals

Suite 102 Grey Room

Part time rental rate: $125 day/month 
Part time availabilities: Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays 
This room is windowless
Approx Dimensions: 10ft x 6.5ft